Creating Scalable Real Estate Drip Email Campaigns

This is part five of our blog series on drip campaigns. In this post we’re going to talk about another of the benefits of drip campaigns; scalability.

full mail inbox

Everyone knows what it is like to have an inbox full of emails and no time to read them all, let alone respond to them all individually with a thought-out and useful response. The same thing can happen with leads when you are running a campaign. What do you do when you have more leads than you can handle?

Most real estate CRMs have drip campaign templates built in, which make scaling your sales effort a simple and seamless process, once you’ve created the rules. You can be connecting with 10 people at a time or 1,000 people at a time and be confident that each of them is going to get a personalized and timely email from you.

Lead Magnet

If you’re generating leads with a tool like PropertySimple you may soon find yourself with hundreds, if not thousands of leads. For many agents this is a new (but welcome) problem and trying to deal with that volume of leads is not possible if you aren’t using a drip campaign.

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Written by Adrian Fisher

Founder & CEO of Tech Enthusiast and entrepreneur, revolutionizing Real Estate.


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