Future of Real Estate: CRISIS

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Developing programs that can help people who don’t fit into the normal “Home Buyer Categories,” when trying to purchase a home, has been challenging. The Real Estate Market will always face up’s and down’s—but, you as the consumer, must be able to adjust to the changes, and make educated decisions moving forward. My time-tested programs, can help you.

Ken Beasley currently consults with a boutique real estate company located in Manhattan, New York. My past background with investments, exchanges, foreclosures and loans, will make our company one of the most innovative in the New York area. Mr. Beasley is also a consultant with a national title company.

My past books the Future of Real Estate, Creative Real Estate and Profiting with 1031 Tax Exchange Process have all contributed to the education of the Real Estate Market and the changes that will happen in the future.


“CRISIS: Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Short Sales. What is the Answer?” is defined by the work that Ken Beasley has done on a daily basis.

The Book and the Seminars will teach you how to survive in the current Real Estate Market. The continual market changes and challenges must be met and addressed to protect you, your Real Estate investments and save your home.

How To Sell/Buy Your Home In Today's Market

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